Don't mess around with Your Missing Tooth


Normally a human should have thirty two teeth. Though, most people have 28 teeth nowadays. This is connected with modern eating habits, change of face and so on. These reasons affect the room in our mouth cavities that was left for the wisdom teeth. Usually they have not enough room where to grow and have to be extracted.

When a person looses tooth it is significant to take right steps in order to preserve healthy mouth cavity. Having lost a tooth one cannot chew food in a right way. This means that one chews too hard or chews not well enough. In any case it is harmful. The first case brings too much stress on the other teeth. The second case means that one swallows pieces that were not chewed properly what leads to digestion issues. Neighbouring teeth are in danger too. They will shift with the lapse of time. It is like the domino effect in very slow action. It will become harder to preserve teeth clean if they are not aligned correctly. The tooth opposite to the lost one will grow longer with time as it will have more free space. Root structure will be exposed to different teeth diseases , such as decay and sensitivity. Moreover, neighbouring teeth will fall out quicker, as they will be disposed to tooth diseases.

If you have more than one tooth lost, visit your dentist immediately! The bite becomes smaller as there are no enough teeth in the mouth cavity. The height is lost and your face becomes shorter. Person with such a problem has a much older outlook. Besides, speech of a person with lost teeth becomes unclear. The ability to chew properly was described above. Only think about your smile! Your self-esteem will definitely will be affected when people start looking inside your mouth and not at you during a conversation.

A person without all teeth is not able to breathe in a proper way. Narrow mouth excludes such an opportunity. It can lead to bad breath. Replacing missing teeth is not a procedure that can be procrastinated. Eating ability is significant for a human, as our organism cannot function properly without food. Besides, we usually eat three times a day. Beauty is also affected with the tooth loss. If you do not want to look older, nasty or even ugly, have this problem solved as quickly as it is possible. Dental technicians will make new teeth and the specialists will insert them in their places. Replace your missing tooth as soon as possible and avoid serious problems with your mouth cavity and appearance.