Everything You Need to Know About Removable Dentures


We’re convinced that every single person on our planet dreams of a beautiful smile and at least somewhere deep inside wants their teeth to be as healthy as possible. Sadly, not everyone has access to good healthcare or can afford qualitative teeth treatment. Some lack time, some lack money, and for some it might even lead to tooth loss. But let’s be real: it’s 2019 and even this should not stand in the way of anyone who wants the best for their teeth.

Removable dentures are a replacement for your missing teeth and the tissues that surround them. There’s two ways you can fix the problems with teeth: if you lose all the teeth, the complete dentures will be the way to go and if you need to replace only several teeth, partial dentures will come to rescue. Let’s take a closer look at those two types before we continue.

Complete Dentures

A complete denture is a wearable feature that fills the void left in the mouth of a wearer after the teeth are removed. Immediate dentures’ goal is to avoid leaving the wearer without teeth for long period: they can be used right after the teeth have been removed. Of course, the tissues and jaws undergo slight changes after the teeth are gone, so there’ll likely be readjustments to the dentures and you’ll need to see your doctor quite often. But good news is that it’s only for time being: after the gum tissue heals a little, you’re ready to wear conventional dentures: that usually takes some 10-12 weeks. These dentures are much more comfortable to wear and cause less discomfort, so we recommend switching to them as soon as your doctor says you’re ready. The modern complete dentures are so well done that after some adjustment time you’ll hardly notice the difference between them and natural teeth!

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures usually look just like the natural teeth: the replacement tooth connects to a base that is usually pink or peach colored. In some cases there might also be a metal carcass for a tooth to hold tight in the mouth of a wearer. That’s called “a bridge” and is essentially just a little more complicated version of a partial denture. If even just one natural tooth remains in a jaw, the doctors use partial dentures because saving natural teeth is always a top priority. But for bridge to be stable, you’ll need to have at least two natural teeth left. The bridge’s other upside is that it keeps your natural teeth in their position, not letting them move anywhere in your mouth. All in all, it’s a good way to save your smile while not changing the look of it all too much.

Implant-supported Dentures

While a regular denture doesn’t require any implants because it is attached to the gums, there is a separate type of removable dentures on implants: such technology is used when a wearer does not possess any teeth left in the jaw but still maintains a high enough amount of bone in it to be able to wear implants. After the implants are in place, the denture will snap onto attachments on them. The doctors recommend to use it for lower jaws where the dentures are less stable. Those dentures should be removed every night, cleaned and kept in water, just like any other regular removable dentures.

Good-looking Removable Dentures

Is this a myth that even a denture might look good? Of course not! There’s a lot of celebrities with removable dentures out there, and you can believe us, they would not be put off by the cost of more expensive procedures but still opted for this one. We bet you didn’t know that Ben Affleck wore complete dentures for several years before moving on to caps, or that Nicolas Cage has admitted to using partial dentures when filming “Ben Gates”. See, there’s nothing even remotely shameful about having dentures. Moreover, the materials used for dentures today make them look very natural (or in some cases even better than it was with natural teeth). For example, porcelain is able to give your replacement denture teeth that same yellow-ish color that makes your teeth look like teeth, and they feel very similar to natural teeth too. Today, a good denture is something that can only improve your look and smile in particular, and it comes at a reasonable price too in the Village Dental Medicine.

Article Approved by:

Antonio Clares General Dentist, DDS