FAQs in dentistry


How to make a child go to a dentist if he is terribly afraid of it?

The health of children’s teeth, of course, cannot be “put into cold storage”.  But the problem of fear is really huge (and not only among children). That is why, the children’s doctors have developed a program of special mini-classes for children, where your child will be able to learn more about health of his teeth and even make friends with his new doctor in a pleasant atmosphere. Your trip to the dentist will no longer be like torture.<!--more-->

  • My second upper anterior tooth was removed, and I soon have to go to sea. Tell me, what can I do quickly and not expensive? _

It is possible to make adhesive bridgework, on fiberglass tapes. It is fast (within 1-2 days) and not expensive; while neighboring teeth with a defect is not necessary to be removed nerves (tooth depulpation).  

  • _ Recently (6 months ago) ago I finished prosthetics of teeth with metal-ceramic crowns. After that, my headaches began, the lower third of the face became visually smaller, and problems with chewing food and talking appeared. What is it? And how to fix it? _

Most likely, with prosthetics, you have had an impaired bite and occlusion (correct closing of your teeth). Your dentition system cannot get used to these changes. It can be corrected only by removing crowns and applying prosthetics again with the change in occlusion. It is best to make new crowns in anatomical articulator (a device imitating movement of the lower jaw joint).  

  • _ I have a denture broken. Do I need to immediately change it to a new one or is there an option to simply repair the same one? _

To determine which of the options is right for you, you must first come for the dentist to make examination. The result will depend on the degree of damage and the cause of its occurrence. If prosthesis was installed from a poor-quality material or simply unprofessionally, then, of course, it is better to change it immediately. So you can avoid such problems in the future. And in any case, after replacement or repair, it will be necessary to take more care of your prosthesis: avoid changing temperatures and too hard food. Also, do not forget to have regular check-ups at the dentist, in order to further repair any damage at the very first stage of its appearance. Be healthy!  

  • _ Can I do odontexesis (removal of dental calculus and polishing of teeth) if I have already undergone this procedure 3 months ago? _

It is recommended to clean and polish teeth not more than twice a year. Therefore, most clients of dentistry prefer to pass it with an interval of six months. But, if suddenly you have an urgent need to get rid of calcified debris or plaque, of course, you can use services of a good dentist. In this case, after such cleaning, it will be better to reduce the use of coloring drinks as much as possible, so that the subsequent procedure is carried out as late as possible.  

  • _ Bleeding gums: will it disappear (with proper care) or is it better to consult a doctor? _

Because of the fact that this problem arises almost every second, it does not become less serious. With bleeding gums, it’s best to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Even if you are a fan of old wives remedies, it is better to use them after consulting a dentist. This problem needs to be solved as quickly and professionally as possible in order to avoid unpleasant consequences and put the right diagnosis.  

  • _ I need to put a dental filling, but I am 14 weeks pregnant. Can I have anesthesia? _

In general, at any time of pregnancy, it is better to abstain from anesthesia (although it is not completely prohibited). Especially it is dangerous in later terms. But at the same time, if your tooth is very disturbing to you, then you can use anesthesia during treatment, but it is necessary to choose the right dosage. An experienced doctor can easily do this and your baby will not be harmed.  

  • _ What can I rinse my teeth with after removal? _

This question is constantly asked by all patients. But the first one who should be asked is the doctor who removed your tooth. If no recommendations were received from him, then no means for rinsing should be used.  

  • _ I want to install implants. How long will they serve and how much is it generally safe for health? _

Thanks to many years of practice of implant installation, various health issues of patients have been taken into account. Therefore, at the moment, it is absolutely safe procedure. Moreover, with proper care for your teeth, a quality implant will last you throughout your life. In addition, in relation to various external influences, it is much more stable, in comparison with the ordinary tooth. And experienced dentists will make installation process as painless and effective as possible, so that you admire your smile.