Features of Treatment for Front Teeth Caries


Front teeth caries is an inflammation with painful sensations that violates aesthetics of a smile and worsens life quality.

Such a process can occur at any age under the influence of different factors and give a high degree of various microbes’ reproduction. They adversely affect the tooth enamel, gradually destroying it.

The front teeth which are affected by caries don’t have any particular specificity. However, due to localization, such a defect is very visible. Therefore, when signs of caries appear, patients try to visit dental specialist as quickly as possible in order to successfully carry out a medication on early stages. The front teeth curing requires special skills, since it’s extremely essential not only to eliminate the lesion, but also to get rid of external defect, which may cause discomfort.

Symptoms of Caries on Front Teeth

In order to stop caries in time, you have to monitor the condition of your teeth and check the following symptoms:

  1. Spots on the surface of your tooth. White, brown or black stains appear on the enamel.
  2. Soreness. Patient may feel painful sensations while eating with acute reaction to very hot or cold, as well as sweet.
  3. Appearance of the hole. If the patient’s tongue can “touch” a hole in the tooth, it’s a significant factor for an early visit to a doctor. 4.
  4. Bad breath. When a tooth is not treated on time, it decays and rots, causing bad smell from the mouth.

One of the consequences of advanced caries can be rotten front teeth.

In addition to an external defect and bad breath, this inflammation usually goes along with increased sensitivity of the dentition, as well as dull pain. Rotten teeth are not only an unattractive smile; it’s also the cause for the growth of various diseases of internal organs. They can give consequences in the form of heart pain, stomach disorders, loss of appetite, headaches, etc. Oftentimes, putrefactive processes in the oral cavity affect the appearance of various diseases of the human organism in particular and the musculoskeletal system as a whole (arthrosis, polyarthritis, etc.). Therefore, a patient has to consult a NY dentist immediately for medical help when the caries of the front teeth manifests.

Despite the general consensus, poor hygiene is not the primary reason why front teeth are decaying.

For the active propagation of pathogenic microflora, a suitable condition is necessary, which is created under the influence of various conditions and factors:

  • Incorrect or irregular oral hygiene procedures; wrong way of teeth brushing; Improper diet, lack of fiber due to the low level of raw fruits and vegetables in the menu;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • Insufficient mineralization of drinking water (lack of phosphorus, fluorine and calcium);
  • Deterioration of the immune system functions;
  • Diseases of an intestinal system.

That’s why, during caries treatment, the patient should identify the cause of the disease and assumes all the necessary medical and preventive measures.

Only a qualified specialist has the opportunity to assign and pick the right medication, taking into account the disease specificities and its causes.

The dentist will delete the sickness source and, using a proper treatment, will stop its development. The choice of manipulations will depend on what stage the carious front teeth are at.

At the first phase, treatment includes the filling of the enamel with fluorine and calcium ions, i.e. remineralization. It will make teeth sturdier and slow the inflammation development. At the superficial caries front teeth treatment requires the grinding with polishes and discs. If the enamel or dentin is destroyed, it’s necessary to purge the formed cavity, and then install the filling. This is done in order to provide protection against bacteria. Before filling, the dentist takes a view of the enamel color and the surface features in order to select appropriate material.

Treatment Methods for Front Teeth Caries

However, if the disease has affected dentin, then not only the softened affected tissues, but also the pigmented areas are excised with a drill, otherwise secondary caries may occur. In this case, the teeth restoration is needed for a more aesthetic effect. The most rational are such methods:

  • Installation of veneers. This method is the most acceptable, since veneers reliably protect the incisors, they are aesthetically looking and last a long time;
  • Getting crowns on front teeth. Frequently, it’s used after treatment of deep caries, when the area of affected tissue is very large. You can install the crown based on adjacent teeth or an implanted pin (this option is more preferable).

In order to decrease the probability of tooth decay, it’s essential to carefully monitor the oral hygiene: brush teeth correctly, use dental floss, rinses, etc; enrich the diet; fill up the lack of vitamins and minerals by perforce. Caring for the oral cavity should be one of the priorities in obtaining good wellness. If you want to save your smile healthy and bright for a great while, you have to watch your teeth condition and do not delay a timely visit to the dentist.

Article Approved by:

Jeremy Nehleber Periodontist, DMD