Fluoride Teeth Protection


A report suggests that almost 170 million people across America use fluoridated water. The ADA (in other words, the American Dental Association) has proven that fluoride helps to lessen the rate of tooth decay in the U.S. and in the whole world.

Here we will answer the questions about fluoride teeth protection that bother you.

Are there Benefits?

Fluoride has several advantages that make the condition of our teeth better. First of all, it strengthens the teeth. Different acids that are present in foods and drinks provoke tooth decay. Fluoride can prevent their appearance. It is able to re-mineralize the areas affected by acids.

Have your dentist consult you about the daily ratio. A highly trained professional will be able to estimate if your teeth get the necessary daily amount of fluoride. Having received a good counsel from your dentist, carefully follow his suggestions in order to reach a positive result.

Types of Fluoride There are two main forms of fluorides: topical and systemic. The first kind of fluorides helps the teeth to resist the decay by their strengthening. Some mouth rinses, toothpastes, foams and gels fall under this kind. The professional will recommend the best one for you during your dental appointments.

As to systemic fluorides, they spread at drops or lozenge dietary supplements, tablets and fluoridated water. The needed amount of fluoride in the water was given by ADA. It equals to 0.7 to 1.2 parts fluoride / million parts water. Dietary fluoride supplements are usually recommended for kids (approximately between the ages of 6 months to 16) who live in the community without fluoridated water service). The supplements can be obtained only with the doctor’s prescription.

Is Bottled Water Useful?

It was proven that the bottled water does not help our organism to get the recommended amount of fluoride. That is why lots of bottled water producers are compensating this by adding a special fluoride supplement.

The American FDA (differently, the Food and Drug Administration) confirmed back in 2006 that the bottled water with 0.6 to 1.0 mg/L of fluoride is able to diminish the risk of decay and cavities.

Dental fluorosis is extremely virulent for kids under the age of seven. The excess of fluoride consumption may provoke enamel hypermineralization that cause this disease. Children with such a problem need to have their daily fluoride norm reduced.

Fluoride is a perfect teeth protector, so do not skip on its usage.