Futudent introduced a new camera for recording dental procedures


Camcorders allow you to record, and clearly explain the features of procedures to patients and students. After that, it is easier for a person to overcome fears before treatment and understand how exactly dental surgery will take place. Finnish company Futudent has released two new cameras for dentistry - microCam and proCam.

The proCam model has the smallest dimensions in its group, while it shoots in 4K format (3840x260 pixels, 30 frames per second, photo resolution - 13 megapixels). The camera fixed on the doctor's glasses or on a dental lamp. It allows you to record video with high detail and take pictures, while the doctor does not need to interrupt his actions, so he is not distracted and continues carefully follow the procedure.

The new ultra-light microCam model weighs only 18 grams and is mounted on glasses. It allows you to shoot video in full HD (1080 pixels, 30 frames per second) from the first person. The camera is equipped with a professional matrix Sony IMX. New devices set high standards for recording dental procedures.

According to Futurdent's founder, Lars Kahre: "We are very proud to introduce devices that offer innovative ways to record dental activities, which facilitates communication between the doctor and the patient. Throughout the world, there is a growing tendency to educate patients through video. In addition, video recording is the best way to document procedures. In real time, video recordings can used for consultations with other doctors. The main task of our company is to improve the quality of the doctor's work and the patient's impression of his work. The proCam and microCam cameras are easy to use and can be used in any clinic. "