Handling Tooth Trauma


Children are real trotters. They cannot just sit one minute calmly. Due to such active behavior, a lot of sad issues can happen. Tooth trauma is a wide-spread problem in the young age. Any pediatric dentist in NYC knows what measures should be taken when a kid has tooth trauma.

Made a survey in the Internet two years ago. Thankfully to this survey it was given an estimate that 1 out of 10 kids aged 10-11 had tooth trauma.

What kind of tooth trauma can children have?

Chipped tooth falls down under tooth trauma. It is just as easy to chip a tooth as to knock it out. However, it can be less painful and bloody. A loosened permanent tooth can wait for your kid both at home, outside or even at school. A child can be scared of this, so tell your little one about such kind of a trauma and get rid of unnecessary and unwanted problems.

It can also be a knocked out tooth. It is really easy to knock out a kid’s tooth. Running, jumping and falling down can easily lead to such an issue. Besides, a child can run into another child. Though, it does not mean that children have to be restricted in their activeness. Do not constrain your kid to sit quietly all the time. Kids need to place their energy somewhere.

If your kid has a knocked out tooth and you are not aware of what to do, it is a grand problem. Find out what to do beforehand the problem. Then you will be able to save the kid’s grinder. Definitely, bring the child to the dentist right off the bat. It is better to do it within thirty minutes after the trauma. A pediatric dentist in NYC will be able to reinsert the kid’s tooth and salvage it.

What obligatory measures should be taken before seeing the doctor? The first thing to do is to check the kid on other possible injuries (neck, head, jaw, etc.). Find the knocked-out tooth. While scooping it up, try not to hold it by the root. Take the tooth by the crown. In such a way infection will be avoided. Any kind of debris should be rinsed off the tooth’s surface. Ask the kid to insert the tooth into its place. The child can hold the knocked out tooth with the help of a piece of gauze. If the knocked out tooth cannot be properly reinserted, moist it before you reach the pediatric dentist. A dried out tooth will be unnecessary, therefore moist it with milk or water of room temperature.

On one hand, tooth trauma is not a very significant problem for health. On the other hand, it leaves its footprint on the child’s mentality. The little one can become less self-confident after the issue. It is significant to react quickly and correctly to any kind of tooth trauma.