How to Brush Teeth with Braces with Electric Toothbrush


Nobody denies that maintaining oral health is one of must-have concerns for anybody, and it especially applies for those with orthodontic braces. Evidently, filling cavities as well as performing other procedures becomes a real challenge when your mouth has braces.

Using an electric toothbrush you will efficiently solve your delicate issue. At least, you’ll see no difference between cleaning your teeth with this electric device and making use of a traditional manual brush. However, there’re several crucial nuances you should consider. Just follow these tips provided by dentists in new york city.

Selecting the right electric toothbrush

Before we grab the basics of how to brush your teeth with electric toothbrush, we should choose it. A sound choice would be one which features cheaply-replaceable heads. You’ll require replacing the head every three months, so you’d better purchase extra heads.

Good electric toothbrushes boast a pressure sensor, which warns of excessive pressure applied. Another crucial factor you need to keep in mind is a sensitive cleaning system. As follows from the name it’s a special cleaning mode, which is more sensitive to gums and teeth. That’s not a necessary requirement, but you’ll definitely appreciate.

How to brush your teeth with electric toothbrush

First, you require rinsing your mouth with water before cleaning your teeth. Thus, you’ll get rid of pieces of food that might have stuck in your dental braces. Then, you require running the brush under water just for a few seconds to eliminate debris and microbes. Applying a fluoride toothpaste to your electric device is a next stage. You’d better utilize a fluoride- based toothpaste for your electric tooth brushing.

Let’s divide your mouth into four sections: the upper right, the lower right, the upper left and the lower left. This division actually starts from the first central tooth to the last molar. To be short, you require spending at least thirty seconds on every section of the mouth. As a result, you’ll spend two minutes on the overall procedure.

When using the brush, hold it in the right position. You require holding the toothbrush up against your gum line above the braces on the upper row of teeth. First, start with cleaning the outer surfaces of your teeth, then move to cleaning the inner surfaces and biting ones. After this start brushing in- between braces. Don’t apply heavy pressure on your braces.

Have your tongue brushed and to complete the procedure floss your braces and teeth. Your mouth needs to be rinsed with water. Doing this twice a day would be enough.

How to Brush Your Teeth without a Toothbrush

It’s not a huge problem that you’ve forgotten to pack toothbrush when leaving on a trip, because you can still keep your teeth pearly white and clean without this accessory. Instead of your toothbrush, you can successfully use a paper towel or washcloth. Just wrap this stuff around the index finger, have it dampened, add some toothpaste and use it as a conventional toothbrush.