Inlay Dentistry


Dental inlays help to omit silver dental fillings and receive fillings that have a natural outlook. The procedure of their placing is comfortable and does not take too much time.

A dental inlay is applied when your own tooth is too damaged to support a tooth seal. However, the damage needs to be not very severe.

Otherwise, you will need a dental crown. The best thing about inlay dentistry is that is provides a natural outlook. Inlays are used for covering the chewing surface between the cusps and onlays are applied for restoration of one or more fractured cusps. Therefore, inlays dental help to restore the chewing surface of the tooth.

There is a variety of materials that are used in inlay dentistry. The specialist will recommend you porcelain, gold, ceramic and composite resin featuring the colour of your tooth. New York city dentists will help you to choose the best possible option for you considering your aesthetic appeal, the durability of the inlay and its cost. The advantages of inlays denta are that they last longer than composite sealing and cost less than dental crowns. Besides, you will avoid all the possible complications connected with these two procedures, if you choose dental inlays. Dental inlays make your tooth 75% stronger in comparison with regular metal fillings.

Inlays Dental: Placing and Caring

It usually takes two visits to place a dental inlay. After local anaesthesia is applied, the professional starts to prepare your tooth. Then he will make a mold of the needed area and place a temporary inlay. The custom inlay that fits your tooth perfectly well will be designed at a dental laboratory. It will be placed during your second visit. Village dental clinic will make everything depending on it to make the procedure comfortable and convenient for the client.

Patients who have received dental inlays should not forget to provide proper oral hygiene and complete the procedures of brushing and flossing twice a day. Regular dental checkups are essential. In case there are problems, the specialist will be able to detect them when it is not too late.

Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic inlays have gained their popularity due to their colour. Unlike other types of inlays, they are not noticeable inside your mouth cavity, so no one will guess that your tooth has been restored. A professional NY dentist will develop inlays from ceramic that perfectly fit all the other teeth in your mouth cavity. The tooth-coloured material allows replacing one’s old amalgam sealing. Ceramic inlays will not lose their colour with the lapse of time, so your smile will constantly look perfect. Ceramic is a strong and durable material that will provide proper protection for your damaged tooth.