When it comes to choosing orthodontic products, many people can’t make a quick decision even if the choice is often narrowed to conventional metal braces and Invisalign aligners. Furthermore, people often refuse of braces because they simply don’t want to become the object of laughter.

The owners of braces are often given awful labels such as “brace face”,”railroad tracks”, “metal mouth” and many more insulting ones. However, such labels are mainly actual for teens and they may even acquire psychological disorders because of this. That’s WHY INVISALIGN options are getting more popular. While traditional braces are clearly visible, Invisalign aligners are almost invisible to other people, thus reducing the probability of sticking insulting labels. Besides, this Invisalign aligners boast a number of other worthy benefits, which make them an ideal option for many patients.
These aligners are reliably tailored to the mouth. To meet this objective dentists of West Village Dental Medicine, Manhattan, Greenwich create a precise 3D plan of a patient’s mouth. The plan can be changed depending on the mouth condition. Unlike metal brackets, invisalign braces nyc don’t give much pain, so over time you’ll get used to them.

Invisalign For Adults & Teens and their pros and cons

As you know, the biggest downside of traditional metal object is pain. It’s really hard to tolerate them as metal has never been a soft material. Sure, people get used to metal braces as they get used to anything else. Nevertheless, special remedies may be required to eliminate bad consequences of using this awful stuff. This can’t be said about Invisalign technology. There’s no wonder INVISALIGN FOR ADULTS & TEENS will totally outclass traditional metal brackets in the nearer future. When deciding between Invisalign aligners and metal braces we should take into account hygiene. You actually don’t need to remove metal braces when having breakfast, but you can’t eat with Invisalign brackets, though they’re advanced in many regards. Of course, many people may find it extremely inconvenient and may even dislike the idea of exchanging pain for discomfort, but tastes differ.
Both types of brackets share the same problem of food remnants, often resulting in decay as well as other related consequences. Therefore, as a potential user of dental braces of any type you should be ready to keep your major oral device clean all the time. Fortunately, it’s very easy to clean Invisalign aligners. Sports people may find wearing metal brackets challenging and it’s especially true for contact sports. Special mouth guard needs to be employed to protect braces, otherwise the mouth area can be heavily injured. By the way, mouth guard doesn’t provide absolute protection due to gaps. Obviously, traditional metal braces are more budget-friendly, but Invisalign aligners have helped many people without giving them emotional and physical pain.