Invisalign – simple and effective way to straighten any teeth deformation


Invisalign is a new method widely used in cosmetic dentistry for teeth aligning.<!--more--> The system has been proved effective even for complex cases of crooked teeth.

Today the modern method of teeth aligning is a state of the art solution which will not severely interfere into your everyday life as traditional wire and bracing systems do.

Why Invisalign is effective?

The success of dental arch correction with Invisalign is guaranteed as every patient gets checked and thoroughly examined before choosing an optimum way of teeth aligning. The Invisalign is effective as in simple cases of crooked or protruded dental arch so in more complex orthodontic deformations as over- and underbite, open and cross bite as well as malocclusion. The method based on individually developed set of aligning trays will work for your case to the best advantage. Unlike traditional teeth correcting systems Invisalign works in a gentle and gradual way thus causing no discomfort and irritation on gums and tongue that is why it is easier to complete the teeth correction avoiding pain.

Simple steps of Invisalign treatment

The process of Invisalign crooked teeth correction is rather simple. First a patient should consult a dentist on the matter of teeth arch deformation and possible ways of correction. If the new method is right for a patient the dentist creates a 3D model of the oral cavity and maps out an individual schedule of teeth shifting. Set of soft but durable aligners is created according to the received data of examination and 3D modeling. After a patient is popped into the first aligner tray he or she needs to visit the doctor every two weeks to advance to the next aligning set. The duration of the teeth arch correction and frequency of tray changing will depend foremost on the teeth deformation complexity and the respond of teeth to the chosen treatment.

The pros and cons of teeth correction with Invisalign

Straightening teeth with removable invisible trays by Invisalign enables a patient to avoid major problems each patient faces during traditional wire and bracing treatment. Soft plastic, the trays are made of, does not hurt the soft tissues of the oral cavity and the ability to replace the trays for eating and drinking and for mouth personal hygiene enables a patient to avoid major problems with tooth enamel damaging and decay. A major disadvantage of the Invisalign teeth correction set is that oral cavity as well as trays should be cleaned each time the aligners are reinserted into the oral cavity as for proper teeth correction the aligners should be on teeth up to 20 hours per day. This may cause certain discomfort in public places. However, most patients claim it to be a matter of days to get used to handle the trays during meal.