How to Keep the Mouth Healthy: 8 Effective Ways


Many parents teach their children that taking care of teeth involves brushing and rinsing, but when kids grow up they learn that it is not enough to keep their teeth absolutely healthy. It would be great to squeeze some toothpaste onto the brush a couple of times a day and enjoy strong and long-lasting teeth, but the truth is not that sweet. Taking care of oral health is much more complicated. To prevent any issues in your mouth, you should follow 8 simple rules developed by dentists.

Make Regular Visits to the Dentist’s Office

If you regularly skip check-ups with your dentist, unfortunately, you are not the only one. Over 50% of the US population avoid going to the dentist’s office at least once a year. The reasons for that are quite different: lack of money, phobia, being too busy, simple negligence etc. However, the American Association of Dentists advises visiting a doctor at least two times a year if you do not want to transform such problems as decay or gum disease into more serious issues with health (e.g. cancer or tooth loss).

Consider the Age

You may be surprised to learn that people of all ages may have issues with their health. Parents of young kids should pay a visit to a dentist to see if their teeth grow right and according to the schedule. Preschoolers should get help from their parents with tooth brushing. Older people may have oral issues because of other health issues, so maintenance of oral health can differ depending on the age and personal health.

Avoid Sodas

Who doesn’t like fizzy drinks? But does anyone think how destructive they can be for teeth? There are 2 ingredients that damage the teeth surface greatly. Even occasional drinks lead to softening of the enamel and cavities.

Reduce the Amount of Sugar Consumed

Though sugar does not cause cavities itself, it serves as a source for growing bacteria and acidity - it leads to plaque and caries. For example, a small bit of sugar makes a harmful impact on your teeth in just 20 minutes, so imagine the impact from sugar during the whole day.

Give Up Smoking

Undoubtedly, if you are a smoker, it means that you have heard advice to give up smoking many times. However, now it is time to listen to your dentist and make necessary conclusions. Teeth get a yellow shade because of smoking. Moreover, it creates a pleasant environment for growing bacteria and plaque. In addition, some cigarette chemicals can lead to oral cancer too.

Change a Toothbrush Regularly

Not all people consider it right to change their toothbrush rather often, but you should remember that it should not be used longer than from 2 to 3 months. Otherwise, bristle tips that used to be rounded get blunted and may damage teeth and injure gums.

Brush Your Teeth Correctly

Have you ever heard that brushing teeth must be performed according to a certain technique? It is not enough to move your brush back and forth to keep your teeth healthy. You should hold the brush under the angle of 45 degrees pointed toward the gums. The motions should be circular and gentle with every tooth brushed 10-15 times.

Never Neglect to Floss

Flossing is not less important than brushing. It is required for keeping teeth and gums healthy. However, flossing should be also done in a certain way to avoid gum injuries. You should wrap some piece of floss around both index fingers, leave 2 inches between them, and remove plaque pressing the floss against the tooth.