Everybody loves seeing the whole family smiling. Healthy teeth and gums are the base of shining smiles. Chewing affects nutrition and general health of the members of your family. Toothaches have proven to be one of the most annoying ones and nobody wants to see his or her close ones suffering. Recent researches confirm that gum diseases have tendency to increase heart diseases.

A happy family is a healthy family first of all.Keeping teeth and gums healthy is possible starting from early years till the senior age. This article will suggest 10 ways that will help you with this.

1. Children Should Start Early

Statistics shows that one in four kids of pre-school age shows signs of tooth decay. Half of kids of the ages between twelve and fifteen years old already have cavities. Children’s teeth should be wiped with a clean, damp cloth. You can also use a very soft brush. Start teaching your children to do the procedure on their own starting from the 2-year- old age. Though, it is crucial to supervise the process so that you could be sure your kids are doing everything correctly and don’t skip.

2. Seals Help

Permanent molars appear at the 6-years- old age. You should know that there are special thin protective coatings. They are applied on the teeth. The coatings are placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They help to prevent caries in the fissures and pits. The Centres of Disease Control and Prevention confirm that sealants significantly reduce decay. Your dental specialists will tell you that one in three kids in America wears dental sealants.

3. Every Day Hygiene

Not only older people have decay and gum problems. ADHA reports that 3/4 of teenagers experience bleeding gums. Everybody knows the basic advice: brush and rinse every day. Besides, here are some other pieces of advice that will be helpful.

  • Don’t forget to buy a new toothbrush every 3 months.
  • In case you are wearing braces, get a special toothbrush as well as other hygiene tools to make sure your teeth are brushed properly. Your orthodontist will help you to make sure you are doing everything correctly.
  • Senior people sometimes find it hard to use floss or hold a toothbrush properly. Different health problems might be the reason of this. Modern technologies offer a large choice of electric toothbrushes that can help with that.

4. Too Much Fluoride Is Not Always Healthy

Fluoride has recommended itself as the biggest advance in oral health. This substance is able to strengthen the teeth enamel and make it less sensitive to caries. Statistics shows that three of four Americans consume fluoridated water. Other ones put a special fluoridated application on their teeth at the dental offices. Nowadays mouth rinses and toothpastes contain this substance. However, young children should undergo a sparing use of it. Too much fluoride can lead to the appearance of white spots on their teeth. It is recommended to use a pea-sized droplet for young kids.

5. Healthy Eating Habits

A healthy ratio is crucial at any age. Your diet should be well-balance, meaning it should contain vegetables and fruits, nuts, grains, dairy products etc. According to some researches, omega-3 fats are able to reduce inflammation and prevent gum diseases. They are contained in fish.

6. Had A Meal? Have A Rinse!

Besides the regular flossing and brushing, you must not forget to rinse your mouth. A special antibacterial rinse is available in almost every supermarket. It helps to fight with caries and gum issues. Sugar-free gums are also helpful. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after meals and chew the gum. It will help your organism to produce more saliva. Saliva is a natural liquid that washes away bacteria and helps to neutralize acid.

7. Tobacco Is Your Enemy

Tobacco not only harms your overall health, it stains your teeth too. Besides, if you smoke, you are in the group risk of gum diseases and oral cancer. Chewing tobacco is also harmful for your grinders. Make sure you counsel your children not to start smoking and quit yourself.

8. Sweet Life Can Be Harmful

Tooth enamel erosion can occur when bacteria inside your mouth break down into simple sugars. This creates a free path to caries. People consuming sodas, sugary beverages and even fruit drinks should pay special attention to their oral health. They are under a special threat as usually people sip such kinds of drinks and it causes a direct harm to their teeth. Acid levels are raised over a lengthy period of time because of sugary drinks. Carbonation increases acid level as well, so one should think twice before consuming carbonated drinks. Sweets and especially sticky candies remain between the teeth and in the cavities bringing harm to the teeth.

9. Mouth Guards

This is not a secret that different recreational activities and sports contribute into one’s health and healthy body. In most schools children are required to wear mouth guards now. You never know when an injury can occur. It can happen during roller-blading or skate-boarding. Moth guards are custom as every mouth cavity differs. Your dental specialist will produce the best-fitting one for you. There is also another option for a mouth guards. You can get them at a sports store. You are asking about perfectly fitting your mouth? Such mouth guards are easily softened with the help of hot water and accept the form of your mouth.

10. Visit Your Dentist

It is essential to check your oral health at the dentist’s office 2 times per year. If you are disposed to dental problems or gum diseases, the check-ups should be made more frequently.