Healthy teeth in your 70s


How to keep your teeth healthy? – This question occasionally appears in people’s minds

Unfortunately, most people start asking this question too late. Improper diet, stress, lack of sleep, weakened immunity - all of these factors have a negative impact on the condition of the oral cavity. But you should know that healthy teeth are not the only evidence of how well we care about them, but as well a “friend” for life, therefore, they deserve a responsible attitude, daily attention and care. After all, a gorgeous smile and sound teeth immediately attract attention and are able to help captivate an interlocutor. If person will not do anything to improve the oral cavity, then over the years healthy teeth and gums become worse.

Then how to keep teeth healthy for life and stay confident to smile even in advanced age?

First of all, you should keep in mind that caring for the oral cavity begins in early childhood. The way you learn to care for teeth will be a good start to keep them in order all your life. For many people - teeth cleaning is just moving the brush up and down. But in reality, this procedure doesn’t allow thoughtless attitude. For dental health, you need take care about jaws everyday and clean them twice per day: after you wake up and before morning meal and in the evening before bedtime. The duration of the cleaning should be at least two-three minutes. But don’t forget that the natural aging processes of the body make the teeth more susceptible to the effects of infections and destruction. The gums and muscles of the oral cavity weaken, a smaller amount of saliva is secreted, and as a result, the danger of appearance and spread of bacteria increases in the mouth. Many older people think that in their age they don’t need to care for their teeth so carefully, but in fact, they still need attention, even more thorough than the young ones. Timely visits to the dental specialist, as well as simple rules of care and hygiene are capable of helping you to keep oral cavity in health.

So when you are in advanced age you can follow few ways to keep your teeth healthy

  1. Make a visit to dentist on time despite your age. Precaution and regular monitoring under expert’s care can promote your teeth stay healthy and overcome problems and diseases in the beginning.
  2. Don’t forget to clean your teeth twice per day with help of suitable toothbrush. Soft bristles are able to clean teeth efficiently and are sensitive on gums.
  3. It's required to use dental floss to clean the interdental spaces. Leftover food can get stuck between teeth. Especially be careful when wearing dentures.
  4. Care about what you are eating. It’s not a problem to find proper food for healthy teeth. Meat, seafood, different types of nuts, citrus fruits, beans and soybeans, berries, herbs and vegetables, as well as dairy products - all this is filled with essential microelements and minerals. Fluorine, calcium and phosphorus included in them significantly strengthen tooth enamel.

Dentists have noticed that every year more and more people are concerned about their health and more often asking about " how to keep my teeth healthy and strong" The elders should follow this trend and also support dental care. You should know the essential rules of having healthy oral cavity, the methods of treatment, and the possibility to install dentures or implants. People of advanced age lose their motivation to care for their teeth very often. But the daily cleaning and rinsing of the mouth is no less important no matter how old you are. Dentists urge not to neglect your dental care and do everything possible to be self-confident with a gorgeous smile at any age.