There is no need to say that modern life demands us to be neat every day. It concerns not only clothes, shoes or accessories, but also our smile. All of us have seen that “white Hollywood smile” but only few know its secret. Having white teeth and healthy mouth is completely real and achievable and following tips will help you in this.

First of all, it is better to whiten your teeth and use dentist’s services to examine the state of your oral health. After conducting a thorough inspection a specialist may determine if there any problems. This step is of extreme importance, because it helps to prevent any dangerous issues. Doctors have proved that overall state of the body and organism depends on a healthy mouth too.

People who have already tried whitening their teeth know that this procedure do not remain for long. In most cases after 2 or 3 months teeth gradually return to the previous state. And there is a tricky part.

The following steps will disclose these reasons and answer the question of how to keep teeth white:

  • Limit yourself in consumption of staining products or drinks, especially such as tea, coffee, red wine. Though it sounds funny, if you cannot stop consuming them, the alternative way out is a straw. Using it keeps your front teeth away from staining thus they will remain white longer.
  • Regular clean procedures. Recommendation to clean teeth twice a day works well, so do not ignore it. Besides, use an antiseptic mouthwash or just simply rinse your mouth after each food intake to achieve better effect.
  • Smoking causes a strongly bad effect on your oral health. This is probably one of the main reasons of “yellow teeth”. Keep it in mind next time you want a cigarette.
  • Schedule a touch-up. In most cases it should be conducted in a 6 months after whitening (if you keep to the treatment responsibly). But if you still use stain beverages, wrong food or nicotine, it should be performed more often.

These are the main tips which will help to keep teeth white for long. Nevertheless, a visit to a dentist for examination is still the best way to prevent any oral problems.