Missing Teeth: Ways Of Replacement


Missing teeth is a fixable problem nowadays. Dentists came up with three basic choices to resolve the problem. The first of one is a fixed bridge. The second option is a removable appliance. The third way is a dental implant. Every kind of treatment has its positive and problematic sides. Let’s consider both for every type of treatment.

A fixed dental bridge

Basically, having a bridge can be compared to having three crowns. At first the specialist will prepare the teeth located near the missing tooth. Then he will take an impression in order to develop the best-fitting false tooth in a special laboratory. The crowns are developed in the laboratory. The bridge is produced there. Actually, a bridge supposes a false tooth that is fastened between two crowns. An obvious advantage of a fixed bridge is that it is stable and fixed. Therefore, it feels like there are your own teeth inside your mouth. Modern technologies allow developing very natural-looking bridges, so that no one could tell that there are artificial teeth inside your mouth. The problematic side is that the two teeth around the missing tooth will also undergo special treatment even though they are sound and have nothing wrong with them. Thankfully to special technique, it is possible to show that the artificial tooth is growing right out of the gum.

A removable appliance

There is an option of using removable artificial teeth to hide a missing tooth away. Such partial dentures can be rather budget as well as sturdy acrylic and metallic ones. A removable appliance is an economical option to deal with the problem of missing teeth. Besides, it allows replacing several teeth at once. In case there are no solid teeth around the missing teeth or if there are missing three or more teeth in a row, a fixed bridge is not something that will always work. As to the weak points of a removable appliance, the first one is that it may not be as aesthetic as a bridge itself. Some people experience certain discomfort while wearing partial dentures. At first you will experience something strange inside your mouth, but with some time your mouth will get used to it. Removable mouth hardware can be not as stable as a bridge.

A dental implant

An artificial root implanted in the jaw after the extraction of a tooth with a fake tooth placed on it is called a dental implant. This can be compared to placing a completely new false tooth inside one’s mouth. Thankfully to a dental implant, no other teeth need to undergo treatment like with the first type (a fixed bridge) that we have already discussed. The dentist will not have to “grind” healthy teeth and, in such a way, only a missing tooth will be fixed. Just like a removable appliance, a dental implant is able to “mend” the space of several missing grinders and there is no limit as to the quantity of the missing teeth. It’s just the patient’s bone that needs to be healthy enough to undergo such kind of treatment and support the implant. Regarding the feelings inside your mouth, a dental implant will feel like your own tooth. And last, but not least, dental implants look as naturally as your own teeth.

So, what are the problematic sides of dental implants? This kind of treatment consumes more time and efforts and, therefore, its price may not fall under your dental insurance. Two specialists will be required for this procedure: the one who will do the surgery needed for placing the implant and the other one who will insert the artificial tooth on top of the implant. You should know that there also can be a delay between the aforementioned two stages. The thing is that a healing interval is needed between visiting these two specialists. This interval can sometimes last up to several months. Only when your mouth is healed, then the false root and the artificial tooth can be placed in. The healing period can also bring some discomfort.

Dental implants can become a serious advantage in case you are missing several teeth or even if you are missing all of them. Besides, the implants will preserve the jawbone.

Obviously, it’s up to you to decide what kind of service to get if you had your tooth extracted or lost. Possibly this article will help you to make your choice and come up with the most comfortable and reasonable option for you.