How to pick an electric toothbrush


If you consider changing your old manual toothbrush for the electric one you made a right choice. Dentists across the globe agreed that these devices are better at removing plague, gingivitis and less hurtful for teeth. Here are some reasons for that:<!--more-->

  • battery-operated brushes make around 100000 strokes in 2 minutes instead of 300 of the manual brush;
  • many models have a build in timer that helps to brush teeth for enough time;
  • less pressure while brushing reduces enamel and gums damage.

Which type of brush to chose

The market provides us with many types of brushing devices like rotating, oscillating, pulsating, sonic and ultrasonic. Pricier options can have combinations of many types and even multiple cleaning heads. The main competitors in brush making for the mass market are Oral-B and Philips.

First one uses the combination of rotating, oscillating and pulsating movements in its devices. Second places a bet on sonic technology, which allows the brush to vibrate from side to side instead of spinning. Oscillating devices are usually bigger, louder and consume its batteries faster than sonic. But which type cleans better is a controversial topic with many studies showing different results.


When it comes to price, the main idea is “more tech — more money”. Nowadays, battery-powered toothbrushes can be packed with smart techs like pressure sensors or timers. Some of them will even connect to your phone by Bluetooth.

It’s needed to keep data about your brushing or even watch how you brush your teeth through the front camera to give you hints in real time. Consider if you want to take a phone to the bathroom every time you brush teeth of you prefer some simpler, cheaper options.

Design and additional things like travel case, or brush sanitizer can also add to cost. Don’t forget that you need to change the brush head every 3 months so it’s better to buy them in a bundle.

3 best options of 2018

In 2018 you can pick from a list of 3 brushes in different categories: the best tech, the best design, and the best value.

  1. The best hi-tech option is new Oral-B Genius Pro 8000. It has the position detection feature which helps to pay adequate attention to every area by using your phone’s camera. It also has specific brush heads that correspond to cleaning modes.
  2. The best design pick goes to Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. It uses sonic technology and has different cleaning modes. It also has 3 color options, stylish glass charging station, and a charming travel case.
  3. The best value option is Crest Spinbrush Pro which costs less than $10. It takes a little space in the suitcase which is good for travelers. Unfortunately, it is not rechargeable and you need to change batteries every 2 weeks.


The electric toothbrush is a common hygiene tool in 2018 and is recommended to use by most dentists. It totally overcomes manual brushes by removing plague, and much safer for teeth. Nowadays these devices can even give advice about your brushing performance like professional dentists. When choosing a brush consider which features are you going to use, so you won’t pay for things you don’t need.