Pros and cons of braces - which design to choose?


Every time every parent faces the problem of necessity to wear orthodontic anchors for their children. Well, actually, most people have experience of wearing braces. There are various types of braces systems:

  • Metallic
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Self-ligating
  • Lingual

Varieties of braces systems

To correct bite disturbance, orthodontists use braces that have their pros and cons. Let us consider general properties of each type.

_Pros and cons of all kinds _Benefits:

  • Without restrictions (other devices do not offer such wide range);
  • Stationary fixation makes it possible not to worry daily about the need to move elements. Disadvantages:
  • Complexity of hygiene care, in order to clean the dentition qualitatively - special means must be used;
  • Aesthetic unattractiveness, but it is solved with applying a variety of structures types. Now consider the pros and cons of various types of braces.

Metallic systems

They are the most popular in orthodontology and there are several reasons for this.

_Advantages of metal devices: _

  • Availability (low cost);
  • Quite high strength;
  • Treatment period is less because of insignificant frictional load;
  • Raw material can be selected in such a way that does not cause any allergic reaction to the structure.

_Among the minuses of metal braces-system it is a lack of aesthetics (more precisely, its absence). _That is, we can say that metal structures will be an inexpensive, reliable center for correcting problems with bite.

Plastic systems

These products are more invisible, but applying of it has some limitations.

_Positive properties: _

  • High aesthetics;
  • The cheapest version of aesthetic designs. Problem properties:
  • After a while the system darkens and loses aesthetics;
  • There are some problems with plastic braces and in the issue of their strength.

Ceramic systems

Ceramic products look rather aesthetically and at the same time retain high strength.

_Pros: _

  • Unobtrusive, since the color is selected in accordance with the shade of enamel;
  • Oxidation and coloring does not occur;
  • Stronger than plastic products.


  • High price;
  • Because of large friction, it increases time to obtain results;
  • Removing items causes problems.

Self-ligating systems

These more modern products have the following advantages:

  • There is no need for frequent replacement of ligatures and visits to a specialist would be less;
  • A special design for ensuring that the cutters of elements are slightly smaller in size;
  • Since friction has minimal values, correction will take much less time;
  • Hygiene is not difficult, because the product does not have a ligature.

Of the disadvantages that can be identified there is a higher price in comparison with others.

Lingual systems

These products are made of metal, and the aesthetics are achieved with attaching to the inner side of dental arcade. Their main advantage is that they are completely invisible.

_Among the minuses are: _

  • Too high price;
  • Hygiene is more difficult than when installing ordinary systems;
  • At the beginning of treatment, speech defects are observed.

When making your choice, you should take into account all the positive and negative points and choose the most compromising option for the patient. In addition, you can also take into consideration the fact that in one system there can be braces of different types, which can help reduce the cost.