What Are The Reasons Of Caries Becoming So Rampant


Lots of people living in tribes and consuming hunter-gathered foods are notable for their perfect dental health. However, this rapidly changes when these people start living in the modern world.

The University of Illinois presented an exciting overview of tooth decay. It wears title “Epidemiology of Dental Disease”. This research clarifies the drastic change of cavity rates over these years. Everything started back in 1930 when Dr. Weston Price discovered traditional habitancies that are not acquainted with such problems as cavities and dental decay for the whole generations. “Epidemiology of Dental Disease” is one more resource that shows the role of nutrition and diet in the health of the oral cavity.

The paper suggests us looking at mouth cavity health over the recent several thousand years. It was found out that the period of first 4,000 years was marked with a gradual increase in dental caries. The numbers show that there were from 2 to 10 carious per one hundred teeth. Sometime near the year of 1000 A.D., there was a drastic increase to 24 problematic teeth per one hundred. It was noticed for 3 or even 4 populations. Everything is probably connected with the discovery of sugar cane by the Western world in the 1000 A.D. Besides, the change from a hunter-gather way of life that included meat and low carbohydrate to a diet with starch-rich cereal has probably influenced the caries numbers.

Therefore, it is as clear as a day that sugar and modern foods provoked the increase in tooth decay in comparison with the earlier diet. A similar phenomenon was found by Dr. Weston Price. It was proven that people who had lived on a hunter-gatherer diet experienced a drastic dental health change after they had been introduced to a western modern diet.

The aforementioned research begins from the bacteria impact on tooth decay and cavities. However, the real explanation deals with processed foods and sugar in the every-day diet. Diet of most people is rich in sugar, white flour and processed foods. When the body receives certain types of foods all the time (for example, those that lack nutrients or are too sweet), a disruption of internal body chemistry occurs as well as change of blood sugar levels. The body can lack fat-soluble vitamins and this also can be the reason of the internal body chemistry disruption. Fat-soluble vitamins play a crucial role in building health teeth and bones. In case the organism lacks these substances, it begins “borrowing” calcium from teeth and bones. Such problem is called demineralization. In the result teeth are damaged and weak and may form cavities or suffer from decay with the lapse of time.

If the body receives nutrient-rich whole foods, if processed foods and sugary are omitted, there are lots of chances that the body can start remineralizing the teeth. Specially developed diet with the needed vitamins and nutrients will help teeth and bones to stay healthy. It reminds us of the hunter-gatherer diet present among the native tribes before sugar appearance. Native tribes consumed raw dairy products, meats and wild caught fish, vegetables and fruit. All these products are crucial for keeping teeth in norm. Keeping to a traditional kind of diet and reducing sugar consuming will help you in preserving healthy smile free from cavities and decay.

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