Regular Floss and Floss Picks: What’s better?


We often discuss the whole importance of flossing. Sure, it’s a worthy thing for anyone. The vast majority of gum ailments develop between teeth, thus making flossing an essential part of your daily mouth hygiene. At our dental offices, we’re always ready to talk about two common forms of flossing, which are floss picks and everyday dental floss.

Floss picks

Sure, you’re already familiar with floss picks. These tiny pieces of plastic are often used to floss between teeth. A great number of people prefer them over traditional flossing for many reasons. Now let’s see whether they’re really efficient or not.

_ Pros: _

Easy to use

There’s no need to explain that floss picks significantly simplify the process of flossing and that’s especially true if it’s difficult for you to use your fingers or hands for some reason. With a floss pick you’ll easily reach into the back of your mouth.


There’s a statement suggesting that floss picks are extremely good at removing food particles as well as dangerous plaque between teeth.

_Cons: _

Are they really effective?

Some researchers state that floss picks share the same efficiency with traditional floss, while according to other studies floss picks are less effective because of their shape. Considering that floss picks are quite stable, this may limit their ability to thoroughly clean below the gum line and around every tooth.

One isn’t enough

In most cases, people end up using more than one floss pick for the overall procedure. Sure, in this regard traditional floss is far more advantageous, as you need just one piece of it. However, not all people save money on floss picks. It’s quite difficult to use For some people using floss picks is a real challenge. If your teeth sit tight, it will be hard to use floss picks.

Regular floss

Regular floss has been successfully used for a long time. It’s an efficient method enabling people to get rid of dangerous bacteria from between their teeth. Though this approach has been proven to be effective and helps to reduce risk for gum disease, some people don’t find it convenient to use this traditional method of flossing. These people naturally shift to floss picks. If you get along with conventional floss, keep on flossing this way. Of course, flossing greatly contributes to your oral health and averts gum diseases, but that’s not enough. Regular dental checkups are essential too. Visit us twice a year and you’ll have a healthy and charming smile.