Save a Tooth from Extractions


Not everybody knows that it is easy to save a tooth from extractions. That is why people part with their teeth being unaware of possible treatment that can be provided at dental offices. Extraction is needed when a tooth is affected by decay that has reached inside deeply. Pulling tooth is needed when there is not enough room for other teeth. Even partially affected tooth can have a bad impact on the neighbouring teeth, so specialists often offer to remove it in order to prevent spreading of bacteria and infection. Wisdom teeth are known for their problematic growing. A wisdom tooth extraction dentist is needed when the tooth is growing in the wrong direction or causes discomfort to a patient.

Before pulling teeth, dentist will X-ray your mouth cavity in order to have the whole image of the situation. A professional will review your whole dental and medical history to avoid possible individual problems.

For the avoidance of teeth extraction pain the area around the affected tooth will be anesthetized. If the pain remained after the extraction, use ice packs to lessen it, consume cool and soft foods for several days and floss your mouth cavity with warm water.

The Main Types of Tooth Extraction

There are several types of tooth extraction , but before learning about them you need to find out how to avoid this procedure. There are special services that will help you to be safe from tooth extraction and dental implant. Endodontic treatment and root canal treatment are widely used in the world of dentistry. An attempt to save your own tooth is worth trying. In any case you will be able to acquire a dental implant if nothing else works. A detailed consulting with your dental specialist will clear the air. A professional had to receive special education for endodontic treatment. A good professional has attended additional training. Therefore, a qualified endodontic specialist will evaluate your chances to save the tooth.

Ways to Preserve a Tooth from Extraction

Root canal treatment may be helpful. There is a pulp inside the tooth containing nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Though, a fully developed tooth can exist without it as the tissues are able to nourish the tooth. After removing the pulp the dentist will clean and disinfect the tooth from the inside. A crown or filling will be used next for its protection.

The tooth will function as usual. Moreover, it will be even stronger than it was before the procedure. The patient will not feel discomfort during this kind of treatment thankfully to modern anaesthetics.

If it the root is severely damaged, it is impossible to reach root canals, there is no proper bone support, than you may need to extract the tooth. In other cases, do everything possible to save your natural tooth as it is a part of you.

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Chase Thompson General Dentist, DDS