How stress can impact dental health


People put all their energy and efforts to succeed in life and sometimes do not pay proper attention to things they sacrifice on the way. This is about health and everything concerned with the issues. Weight loss, insomnia, and nervousness are quite obvious in this case, but other than that stress harms dental health too. In this article, we’ll disclose this problem.

The human body can resist stress and it can be even useful, to get out of the comfort zone, get new emotions and so on. However, being able to tolerate stressful situations, in the long run, is challenging and with time the impact becomes more and more visible. The research has shown that being under pressure may negatively impact oral health as well, and it will appear as the following manifestations:

Mouth sores – people suffer cold sores or sometimes called canker sores because of emotional tension. For 10-14 days this issue causes pain and discomfort so an appointment to the dentist is necessary. He or she will prescribe medicine to treat discomfort. Moreover, dietary precautions are also a must.

Teeth grinding – anxiety, worrying and repetitive thoughts can make people gain new bad habits like teeth grinding or clenching. Besides, frequently this process is unconscious and paid no attention, which with time makes harm to dental health. People grind teeth while sleeping, making decisions, overthinking and so on. All these things put a lot of tension on teeth and damage them with time.

Poor oral hygiene – being busy and concentrated on constant hurrying wheel of routine, our schedule experiences a lot of changes due to unaccomplished tasks. Thus, people tend to sacrifice some of their “essential habits” like taking into account proper oral hygiene, brushing or flossing regularly. However, they wonder where does gum disease and tooth decay develop. Poor nutrition – this one is closely connected with the previous tip but in terms of dieting. Admit it, having no time you won’t spend an hour to cook something fresh and healthy, but will buy fast food and go on. Unbalanced nutrition leads to tooth decay and easily becomes another bad habit.

Bad habits – it smoothly flows into poor habits like smoking or drinking too much coffee to stay awake. It increases the chances of developing various dental problems, gum diseases, and tooth decay, and in general, has a bad impact on the immune system.

Gum disease – tolerating stress to stay efficient, sleep less than 7-8 hours affect dental immunity, increasing the developing of gum diseases and causing gum damage.

Not making regular check-ups – it is said that making an appointment with the dentist every six months can prevent the appearing of major oral problems. So why not to spend some time from your busy schedule for preventative medicine and check issues before they appear for in-time curing?

Dry mouth – saliva is the essential part of dental health as it maintains the balance in the mouth, washes away food remaining, helps digestion, etc. Besides, another wide-spread reason of dry mouth is medication prescribed to cure stress symptoms.

How to treat stress in terms of dental health?

  • Find out the ways you can relax, techniques, self-care; • Do not forget about regular oral hygiene;
  • Fixed appointments with a doctor are a must;
  • Spend more time to sleep well;
  • Stick to the healthy and balanced nutrition, maintain water balance.