Taking Advantage of Zoom Whitening


Zoom is an efficient bleaching method widely spread in the US and in many other countries. Every day we drink soft drinks, alcohol, tea, coffee and this results in tooth discoloration. As you know, people are exposed to aging and this also worsens the dental problem.

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The essence of zoom whitening

The method is built around the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, used for activating the 25% percent hydrogen peroxide whitening solution, which accelerates the overall bleaching process. When the hydrogen peroxide dissolves, the dentist apply oxygen to the enamel, thus getting down to bleaching stains on the teeth.

Zoom tooth whitening advice

In order to know for sure whether you require zoom whitening or not , you should let your dentist examine your mouth. Perhaps, you’ll be asked a couple of questions regarding your lifestyle and oral hygiene habits. If everything is OK, the procedure will be approved.

The zoom whitening process

The entire procedure lasts for an hour. Before zoom whitening you may asked to have your teeth brushed. First, your gums as well as lips will be covered, while the teeth will be left exposed. Then the dental specialist will apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel. The given substance works efficiently with the Zoom light. They both get to the teeth and vanish stains. The gel will be staying in the mouth for 15 minutes with the Zoom light on, while you can have a rest. The gel is employed in three 15-minute procedures. A sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel may be utilized if required.

Zoom whitening aftercare

After the procedure you’ll get back to whitening at home, using a Zoom at-home touch-up kit with custom whitening trays. Most probably, dentists in new york city will recommend you to stay away from certain beverages and foods. Aside from some foods and beverages, you’ll also require avoiding tobacco products as they’re powerful stain makers. Go on with your everyday flossing and brushing. These simple oral hygiene actions will help you to prevent new stains. Toothpastes with whitening agents are always welcome.

Zoom whitening precautions

One of the biggest obstacles towards a pearly white smile via zoom whitening is super teeth sensitivity. The matter is that the Zoom light gives some heat, which often causes discomfort. Another unpleasant after effect is tingling coming right after the procedure. However, it will quickly fade away. An anti- sensitivity toothpaste may be a good solution to this dental problem. The given procedure isn’t recommended for kids under 13 years old. Lactating and pregnant women require staying away from zoom whitening too. Evidently, zoom whitening isn’t a panacea, so it won’t work for some people. As mentioned above, only your dentist is aware of the actual readiness of your mouth for the procedure.

How much is it?

The overall procedure is worth $500 together with the cost of the supplemental take-home trays. Most likely, your dental insurance doesn’t cover zoom whitening treatments. To get closer to zoom whitening make use of online appointments for dentist.