Teen oral piercings


While people, especially teenagers, are trying to express themselves getting all kinds of piercings, some of these acquirements may be quite harmful for health. Oral piercings definitely relate to such. They are more painful than other kinds of piercings and take much longer to heal – up to two months or even more.

These types of piercings are made usually on the tongue – the part of the body where the most bacteria reside. Thus, there’s a high chance of getting infection, during which tongue may swell making it almost impossible to eat, sometimes even affecting breathing.

Piercing infection may also lead to such serious diseases like endocarditis or hepatitis. Jewelry, worn on the tongue, causes damage to the gums, teeth, and dental fillings. Accidental hard bite on the teeth may lead to their cracking and scratching. If part of jewelry gets loose or breaks off – it may cause person to choke. A person, wearing jewelry inside the mouth may also acquire allergic reaction and develop hypersensitivity to the metal. Piercings on cheeks, tongue, lips, or uvula (small tissue at the back of the throat) may also cause speech problems. Besides this, piercings may cause nerve damage and lead to tongue numbness, which may remain permanently. This may also affect taste sensitivity. Due to all these reasons mentioned above we strongly recommend not to get any oral piercings.

But in case you already have one – it’s essential you schedule dental appointments to check on it regularly and make mouth hygiene your number one priority. We definitely recommend you to do the following:

  • Keep your mouth as clean as possible – rinsing it with mouthwash after every single meal, flossing and brushing teeth daily;
  • Be cautious and very gentle on your piercing, avoid hard biting, clicking it against teeth and moving it around during talking or chewing;
  • Remove jewelry when playing sports or participating in any other dynamic activities;
  • Contact your dentist immediately if you notice something wrong with your piercing or area around it.