All kids are rapidly grow and intensively develop during their teenage years. Certainly, the same applies to their teeth. Like growing muscles and bones require certain substances to stay healthy, a teen’s teeth also need adequate care to develop in the proper way until they become adult.

There’re five crucial things your teen urgently requires to make his or her tooth development the most productive and trouble-free.


Evidently, proper nutrition is crucial for overall human health. However, there are certain nutrients especially helpful for the healthy growth of teens’ teeth.

Vitamin A

This extremely useful substance boasts beta-carotene, which has antioxidant properties – they are good at destroying free radicals, responsible for speeding decay in the body. Your teen can find vitamin A in yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and eggs.

Vitamin C

Without it your teen can hardly boast strong teeth as well as gum tissues. Your kid can obtain this crucial stuff from berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and melons.

Vitamin D

It’s good for calcium absorption, normally required for healthy gums and teeth. The given substance can be found in fatty fish, egg yolks and fortified dairy products.


As mentioned above it’s vital for the development of bones and teeth. Your kid can get calcium via broccoli, cheese, peas and yogurt.

Sealants Sealants applied to permanent teeth are definitely good at protecting teens’ oral health. This procedure needs to be done by a professional new york ny dentist. A sealant can be defined as a clear liquid applied to a patient’s molars. Once this stuff hardens it efficiently prevents tooth decay. Thus, you’ll effectively reduce the number of cavities in your kid’s mouth.

Mouth Guards

A great number of teens go in for sports and take part in many sport activities. If it applies to your teen, you require purchasing a high quality mouth guard for him or her. Even low contact sports suggest a certain risk of teeth being broken or chipped. With this device you’ll reliably protect your kid’s teeth from damage.


It’s highly advisable for teens to have straight teeth. That’s not just a matter of aesthetic value, but it also gives your teen the right bite. So it will be much easier for him or her to speak and chew throughout life. Moreover, with a pretty dazzling smile your kid will feel more confident. Invisible braces can align your teen’s teeth for a relatively short period of time without attracting anyone’s attention.

Good oral hygiene

Positive oral hygiene habits will help your teen to maintain his or her teeth in an excellent condition. Your kid requires brushing his or her teeth twice a day or three if it’s possible. The procedure should last at least two minutes.

Apart from tooth brushing your teen shouldn’t forget about flossing. This also needs to be carried out twice a day. Advise your kid to have his or her mouth rinsed after meals. To learn more about teens’ oral hygiene, take advantage of online appointments for dentist.