Tooth Core Build Up: Procedure Features and Advantages


Tooth core build up is a process when a missing part of tooth is restored with dental fillings in order to maintain a crown restoration.

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, healthy and brilliant smile. A smile has always been a business card of a person. But with age, due to various negative factors, dental health deteriorates, teeth darken, micro cracks and caries appear. Any one of the negative processes can lead to loss of part of the tooth, or the formation of holes. In these circumstances, you can do core buildup on broken tooth. This will allow not only return functionality, but will also look great in aesthetic terms.

However, don’t consider that it’s a name of only one process. This is a whole system, set of measures to rebuild tooth or few teeth if needed. In any situation, specialist advises methods and ways which are best in definite conditions. As usual, restoration of teeth is advised in certain cases, namely:

  • irregular shape of dentition segment;
  • abnormal position of dental unit;
  • unsatisfactory tooth size;
  • segment curvature;
  • tooth decay due to mechanical damage;
  • severe tooth damage by deep caries;
  • violation of color of an enamel segment;
  • the presence of a large gap between dental units.

There are not many contraindications to this curing. The most likely are any allergic reactions and serious diseases of the oral cavity. In any case, decision on whether to do core build up dental accepts the attending dentist.

Modern materials for dental fillings have excellent aesthetic characteristics, thanks to which it is even possible to build the front teeth.

Several techniques for core build up are used

  1. Composites. For quality build up of tooth and saving integrity of dentin and enamel, composite materials have been applied in dentistry for many years. This method of treatment is carried out in one visit within 1-2 hours. Such a restoration will not aesthetically differ from your teeth and will make you feel comfortable.
  2. Build up using dental pins. If visible part of tooth is destroyed, but root is in the jaw, you can fully build up the dental crown on pin. This method permits not to remove whole tooth and not put in its place the prosthesis.
  3. Build up using crowns. This is setting of one artificial dental crown on the destroyed tooth. This method is applied in the most extreme cases when it is impossible to restore the dentition. Installing the prosthesis allows you to evenly allocate load on remaining tooth tissues, extending the term of the segment.

Pros and cons

The procedure and the tooth rebuild technology have both positive aspects and negative ones. The principal advantages involve:

  • Complete tooth restoration. A main objective of any process for the curing of teeth is aimed at safekeeping of healthy tooth of the patient. Thus, a complete build up of tooth preserves the healthy roots and teeth of a person.
  • Aesthetic effect. Reconstruction of tooth by build up, not only recovers full functionality, but also completely solves an aesthetic effect. Thanks to well-chosen material, the color of tooth is not differing from other neighboring teeth.
  • In one session, a dentist can restore several teeth at once. Thus, in one visit you can get rid of problems in different parts of the oral cavity.
  • Durability. A recovered tooth has high strength and is not inferior to healthy teeth. With correct nutrition, if recommendations of the doctor are observed, such a tooth will last for many years.

It is worth noting that there are no serious flaws in this procedure. It all depends on the quality of materials that the doctor will use to build a tooth, as well as on experience and professionalism but patients play significant role as well. It’s necessary to follow all the necessary recommendations prescribed by a doctor. With a strong blow or other mechanical action, the tooth may crack again and partially collapse.

Art restoration of teeth is not cheap. It is much more profitable to take care of your smile in advance. Rigorous abidance by rules of hygiene, careful attitude and regular examination of the dentist allow you to save the health and beauty of your teeth for a long term. But if the need arose - modern methods of restoration of teeth are able to quickly return the natural beauty to your smile.