Tooth Decay Symptoms and Treatment


Being informed about tooth decay symptoms and possible tooth decay treatment may save your teeth from unwanted problems. Bacteria cause caries. It starts only twenty minutes after eating if dental plague has stuck to the teeth! The worst thing about caries is that the cavities do not entail pain if they are not deep enough. The cavity makes its presence felt only when it grows bigger and affects the nerve.

Tooth Decay Symptoms

You may feel several tooth decay symptoms. The struck with caries tooth will become very sensible and you will feel pain. Sweets, hot and cold food and drinks will also bring sharp pain. There usually are visible black or brown staining that proves the dental disease. If you have got any of this symptoms, immediately visit your dentist and have your teeth checked and treated. It is essential to discover tooth decay symptoms when they have just begun. If the problem is not given proper treatment, it may result in tooth abscess. Village Dental Medicine is a specialist in detecting such symptoms. Regular examinations at the dentist’s will ensure health of your teeth.

Discovering cavities in their early stages saves your teeth and your money. Rinse, floss and brush! Reducing of sugar in our oral cavities will also be helpful in preventing caries. A scheduled cleaning by a professional must be done once in six months. Usually tooth decay can be discovered with the visual teeth examination. That is one more reason for check-ups at the dentist’s office. Soft spots will be detected by a specialist. Dentist can also use x-rays that lay bare the ones located between your teeth.

Tooth Decay Treatment

Tooth decay treatment is based on the state of a person’s oral cavity. Dental specialist will help your teeth with root canals , crowns or fillings. What the specialist will use depends on the stage of tooth decay.

The beginning of caries is cured with fillings. Firstly, the decayed material will be removed by cleaning. Secondly, a substantive material will be put into your teeth. It will make them functional again. If everything is worse, then doctor will help you by placing crowns on them. As a rule, crowns are used when the problem is extensive and the specialist has to operate with a limited structure of a tooth. Dentist will remove the struck part of the tooth. A crown will be mounted over the part of your tooth that has remained. If a nerve dies from tooth decay, then root canal is used. The specialist will remove the dead nerve and pulp. Then he will fill the roots with s sealing material. Obviously, it is easier to treat teeth that were not neglected.