Is it useful to brush teeth three times a day?


Without a doubt, brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of your oral cavity’s health, allowing you to have a radiant smile. It may seem that the more often you brush your teeth the better. But is it really so? Let’s talk that out.

Dentists agreed in one opinion that brushing teeth twice a day is the best option. The time after breakfast and dinner is ideal for oral hygiene procedures. What happens if you brush your teeth three or more times a day?

Experts are sure that too much passion for hygiene will gradually lead to the enamel destruction, increase the teeth sensitivity and injury the gums. If you need a feeling of freshness during a day or after meals, you can use a special dental cleanser. If you have nothing like this at hand, then pure water will do just fine.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to drink tea, coffee or other colouring drinks for about half an hour after brushing your teeth. Non-compliance with this rule may lead to enamel yellowing and caries.

Also, dentists do not advise to use a toothbrush for 20-30 minutes after taking sour fruits or juice. Otherwise, your gums may be damaged and enamel cracked.

Follow our advice and keep your sense of proportion to have an irresistible snow-white smile.