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Are you suffering from mild oral pain due to cavities? Or have you simply been treated in the past with amalgam fillings that have given you cause for concerns? Metal fillings were once thought to be necessary in treating cavities due to their impressive durability, but over time these fillings can cause more harm than good. Fortunately, whether you are looking to receive fillings for the first time, or are longing to have your metal dental work replace, you can find the care you need with safe and beautiful white dental fillings from the experts at your West Village dental office of the modern and welcoming Village Dental Medicine. [caption id="attachment_584" align="alignright" width="300"] Dental Fillings West Village Dental Fillings West Village[/caption] Metal-free fillings are the number one choice for cavities anywhere in your smile. Thanks to the latest advances in dental technology and procedure, white dental fillings can now be utilized anywhere in your smile. Cavities in the rear facing molars require the strongest fillings in the industry, as these teeth put out the most bite forces and do the most work in chewing for healthy digestion. This heavy work load as well as their often difficult to teach location makes these teeth the most commonly diagnosed as needing dental fillings to treat cavities. For these reasons the staff of your trusted West Village dental office will often recommend porcelain fillings in order to treat cavities in the rear-facing molars, as well as replace metal fillings for a healthier and more attractive treatment to tooth decay. The teeth we see every day are actually those which do the least amount of work for chewing. The minimal amount of bite forces present here allows the doctors of your professional West Village dental office to treat cavities in this region of your smile with a variety of white fillings upon the patient’s request. For patients on a tight budget, composite fillings can be the perfect fit for your eye teeth that work to perfectly match the beautiful look of your smile, and can even be used to brighten the look of your teeth and restore the shape and strength of these teeth. You can also choose from ceramic or porcelain fillings for a stronger filling that will be more resilient against staining. No matter what your choice, you can count on a beautiful and healthy smile with white fillings from your neighborhood West Village dental office. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the state of the art practice of Village Dental Medicine proudly utilize the latest advances in oral health care technology and procedure for the best care possible for our patients. With metal-free white fillings from Village Dental Medicine you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile free from tooth decay.

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