What I Did When My Dentures Broke


A broken denture is a distressing, often painful and for sure unpleasant event. But if it’s already happened, there’s absolutely no use to be panicking and stressing out. You need to weigh up all your options, evaluate the situation and decide what would be the best possible way out of it for you.

When My Dentures Broke

In this article we’ll do our best to share the experience and make you understand what’s best for you. Well, let me share this story with you, in patient’s own words: “When my denture broke, I was almost literally scared to death. I didn’t know what to do, who to call and how to behave in such situation. But once the panic was gone, I’ve decided to check out the possible options for me and found out that it’s not exactly uncommon to see dentures break.  My broken partial denture was pretty bad, but definitely not as bad as some pictures that I’ve seen in Google. A quick research has shown that there’s multiple ways of how the dentures can break and I have seemingly suffered one of the lightest ones. I read that I could delay a visit to my dentist for a little bit (I had absolutely no time at the moment) if I bought a denture repair kit which can be found in almost any drug store. So I got one of them, checked that it was FDA approved and found out that it’s actually really useful as there was a bit of a material to glue my denture back together. There also were single teeth which my best guess is would be helpful in case of a broken denture tooth. Long story short I’ve managed to deal with this problem on my own but still had to visit a prosthodontist shortly after just to make sure that everything was fine. Thankfully my problem was a pretty minor one and I didn’t have to go for a new denture or a full repair of this one”.

Well, as you can see, a broken denture is not the end of the world, although it might be a really disturbing occurrence. But you should be ready to deal with it because it’s definitely not a rare thing to happen. The researchers have recently found out that roughly 30 million American citizens do not have any natural teeth left, so naturally some of us will have problems with the dentures! First thing that we’d want you to understand is there’s nothing scary or really bad in a cracked denture. If you’re not extremely unlucky, you’re probably not even going to need a new one or a repair beyond what you can do at home. The aforementioned denture repair kits can be a literal savior in such situations, so you might as well go ahead and buy one just in case, so that you always have a plan B. Denture repair isn’t exactly too easy, but if you follow the instructions and manuals you can definitely do it. But please note that calling your dentist must always be right up there on your list of things to do in the case of a cracked or broken denture.

Worst case scenario is you get your denture broken in half. It’s the hardest denture damage to fix and if you’ve been unlucky enough to have this happen to you, you should visit a prosthodontist as soon as possible – it’s the only way you can fix such damage. And if it’s less severe, say a tooth has fallen out or there’s a little crack, you might fix it at home after a consultation from your dentist.

How to Avoid Broken Dentures

Let’s now talk about how to avoid getting your dentures broken. There’s a set of simple rules that might save your dentures in certain situations. First and foremost, we always suggest that keeping your dentures nice and clean is something that will help them last longer. Brush them regularly, rinse them and soak overnight. That’s simple but the amount of people who forget about this is staggering. It’s not easy to prepare and avoid such cases when the denture breaks from impact, but you might for example try to fill your sink with water when you’re brushing your teeth, so that if you drop them, they’re not as likely to break. One thing is for sure: if you care about your dentures, they will definitely last longer.

Thanks for tuning in and hopefully this article was helpful to you!