What Types of Tooth Jewelry are There


What Types of Tooth Jewelry are There? Gems, Skyce Crystals, Twinkles, Dental Tattoos, etc.

Tooth jewelry is the latest fashion trend. You have probably heard of dental jewellery before, and as it’s getting more and more popular you may have considered going for it as well. But first, let’s figure out what types of dental jewellery there are. In this article, we’ll talk about tooth gems, Skyce and Twinkles tooth jewellery, tooth rhinestones and dental tattoos. There’s also a type of dental jewellery called grills, or grillz, but that’s the matter for another article.

The Main Types of Dental Jewelry

Tooth gem is basically a gem, a rhinestone or a crystal that’s put onto a tooth of your choice using an adhesive. The best thing about it is that no drilling is required. It’s applied with bonding material only. Many people do this at home, because most of the time you don’t need to be a dental expert to be able to apply a tooth gem onto your tooth. Most of them are pretty cheap, too. We can see that it’s growing in popularity because it’s easy to install, it’s rather cheap and no drilling is required. It’s quite popular among teens nowadays because most of the time you don’t need to visit a dentist to apply the gem, and it’s possible to install them if you’re under 18 - there are no restrictions.

You may be wondering if tooth gems may do harm to your teeth. Well, your concern is understandable, and if you don’t maintain oral hygiene, these gems may become a breeding ground for bacteria. You’ll need to brush your teeth regularly in order to avoid that. Jeweled gems may wear away the enamel over time, too. But if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you’ll be alright. All in all, if you maintain oral hygiene, tooth gems are harmless. Let’s not forget that no drilling is required to apply these gems, so there’s less ground for bacteria to settle in.

So, a tooth gem is any gem that’s applied to your tooth with bonding material. There are many different companies who produce tooth gems. You can choose from a wide variety of products, but there’s little to no way to know if the product is quality or not. Some products displayed online have 1-2 reviews, most of them have no reviews at all. Skyce, in its turn, is a well-known and respected dental jewellery company. They produce skyce crystals, a type of tooth gem that got famous for its high quality. It’s easily applied and the adhesive used in it doesn’t harm your teeth or your dental cavity in any way. With proper care, skyce crystals may serve you a lifetime, or until you decide to get rid of them.

Twinkles is a well-known dental jewellery company as well. They specialize in gold and diamond jewelry for teeth. Even though their product is made out of metal, it doesn’t harm your teeth. They have a wide variety of products, from different crystals to gold, white gold and diamond tooth jewellery. They produce and distribute Twinkles since 1998, so it’s a company that has made a name for themselves over the years.

In our opinion, dental jewellery became a trend because it’s easy to install and remove these dental gems. It’s best to do all that at the dentist’s, because even though it may seem very easy, it’s better when a professional does this. That way you won’t harm your teeth and gums. Keep in mind that these gems are very small, too, and it’s easy to swallow them on accident. There may be a risk of choking, too. To avoid that, better ask a professional. When we talk about removal of these gems in particular, it’s also done in a few seconds at a dentist’s. Nevertheless, some of these jewels are easily removed with a dental floss. You need to be very careful though, with too much pressure you may lose your dental gem or harm your gums. It’s better to go to your dentist and ask them to remove your dental jewellery.

These dental gems are all kind of temporary. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your dental jewellery, it’s just the adhesive material that may wear away over time. Dental gems may serve you a lifetime with proper care, so just consult your dentist to increase the lifespan of your tooth gem.

Now, let’s get to dental tattoos. This may sound like a bizarre procedure, but the word “tattoo” there is actually a misnomer. These are not actual tattoos on your teeth, but rather paintings on an artificial crown, which then are installed onto a tooth. This kind of “tattoo” is actually growing in popularity, as it’s a very unusual and creative way to express yourself. It’s not permanent, too, since the artificial crown will wear away after some time (depends on how often and how hard you brush your teeth). You can order any picture of your liking to be “tattooed” onto a crown, so the possibilities there are endless. The only limits are your creativity and dentist’s skill.

In conclusion, tooth gems are tiny jewels that are glued to your teeth to make your smile more shiny and attractive. It’s not harmful if you maintain oral hygiene and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Otherwise, it’s a good breeding ground for bacteria. Don’t forget that these are temporary tooth jewelry, and most of the tooth gems last up to half a year. But if you reapply the adhesive material regularly (either by yourself, or at a dentist’s), it may serve you forever. Don’t forget to check your tooth gem every now and then, because you may lose it if it comes off early, or, what’s worse, swallow it by accident. There are lots of tooth gems manufacturers and you may choose any of them, but two of the most well- known companies are Twinkles and Skyce. Twinkles specializes in diamond and gold dental jewelry, but they do tooth gems as well. Skyce is famous for their high-quality tooth gems. These companies are in the market long enough. They are well-known and have a lot of positive reviews. Their products are safe and can’t do any harm to your teeth, gums, or dental cavity in general.

Dental tattoos is a topic we barely touched upon. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say, apart from that it’s not an actual tattoo. It’s rather a picture on an artificial tooth crown that gets installed onto a tooth. These dental tattoos are all unique since tooth crowns are made individually for each person. If you really want to express yourself in a new way - this is definitely for you. You can put anything you want there, well, if the dentist will be able to put everything you wish for onto such a small “canvas”. Anyway, these “tattoos” are temporary, because they will be brushed away over time. But it’s still a very cool way to express your creativity.