Wisdom Teeth Extracted for teenager


Each time people think about wisdom teeth the first association coming to their mind is wisdom teeth extraction. It’s because most people actually don’t need wisdom teeth. When starting growing in early adulthood, these teeth cause a variety of cosmetic and dental problems, as they need too much space for normal development.

Teens usually don’t know about their existence until some day they show up on an x-ray. Wisdom teeth often grow sideways or come through the skin, thus causing pain, abscesses, infection as well as other terrible inconveniences. That’s why pediatric dentists in new york city recommend all teens to have their Wisdom Teeth Extracted. Otherwise, unwanted consequences are inevitable.

Before surgery

Fortunately, wisdom teeth removal is a short and easy process. After this let your mouth heal – it will take just a couple of days. In order to get started, you require meeting with an oral surgeon to discuss the upcoming procedure. However, your parent may discuss all necessary details instead of you. Discuss the list of medications you are going to take, pay special attention to anesthesia and clearly specify your health problems.

During surgery

The procedure will last for up to 45 minutes or even less. Due to efficient local, general or IV sedation anesthesia (one of them will be chosen), you will feel nothing during the operation. Just relax, wait a little and you’ll see your Teeth Extracted. The surgeon may require cutting your gums in order to pull the wisdom tooth out. The wound will be immediately closed with several stitches, which will completely dissolve in a couple of days.

Oral Care after Tooth Extraction

Perhaps, you’ll be able to drive away from the dentistry by yourself. However, after taking pain drugs or general anesthesia, you will require parents’ help. Oral care after the removal is quite simple. Just follow the rules listed here below.

  • Eat only soft foods such as rice, pasta or soup.
  • Drink plenty of water or other fluids.
  • Utilize an ice pack on your face to neutralize swelling.
  • Don’t brush your teeth the first day.
  • Don’t brush blood clots.
  • Take all the medications prescribed to you on time.
  • In case of fever, call the doctor.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid drinking through a straw.
  • You shouldn’t eat hard and crunchy foods as they can scratch your wounds.
  • When rinsing your mouth, do it gently.

That’s what you should know about Oral Care after Tooth Extraction. For more information, contact West Village Pediatric Dental Medicine, Manhattan, Greenwich.